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Today’s Rant: District Attorneys

Today’s Rant is on District Attorneys…

So I was inspired by this post by reading about Bob Morgenthau at, Manhattan DA for the last 35 years, and is going to be running for re-election next year at 90. This made me think, how did Morgenthau get the support of New Yorkers that love you win you win, and hate you when you lose.

Morgenthau in his tenure can be repeatedly attributed with reducing crime in New York City, and prosecuting white collar crime. He is a legend in the Justice system, so much that a TV show was created about his office, and a character with a lot of his personalities and styles as much a part of the show as well.

Now lets look at this locally. (more…)


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Why I lose hope in people

This is an interesting article that was in the Hartford Courant today:

Rattled Americans Try Their Lottery Luck In Hard Times

The article discusses how people are playing the lottery in tough economic times so that they can “get ahead”


All lottery programs are are a regressive tax on the poor and stupid. My favorite line from the article is “But if I spend $10 on the lottery, at least I have a chance of making $5,000, and then I could take a real trip. … Times are tough and my only choice is to take a chance.”

Lets do some simple economics.

This guy spends $1000 a year on the lottery. According to the CT Lottery Website, the odds of winning are 1-5. lets say he does a little bit better, and cashes a few more tickets and wins $250 dollars instead of $200. That would leave him with $750 a year, to spend as he wishes, he  could take a real trip with that, and what he would spend on a “fake trip” maybe its not to cabo, but is a “vacation” none the less.

What aggrevates me here is the same with many of these other economic issues. These are the same people that are begging the government for subsidies and handouts to help with their mortgage they got into, the credit cards they maxed up, and the cars they didn’t need that they bought.

In full disclosure, I gamble. In fact I spent a couple days this week at the track. I play with money I can afford to lose. I don’t play with the mortgage, or the kids tuition.

For further reading:

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Awesome Quote Gov.

David Patterson’s Quote:

“People need to see what property tax has done to people in the state,” Paterson said. “And if they can’t see it, I would suggest laser surgery.”

This is a great quote, whether you are in favor of the cap or not, The gov is not only legally blind, he just underwent laser eye surgery!

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Latest Rant-The Convention Center

So, I decided, I am going to start a new feature, my latest rants. For those of you with Google Readers, you may just want to mark as read and move on, those who want a little entertainment, read on.

The Albany Convention Center is by far the most ridiculous proposal I have ever heard come out of the City of Albany. After many years of planning and designs for this monstrosity, I still don’t know what the point is. The idea is that if you build it, they will come. Don’t get me wrong, I think many organizations come to Albany, but aren’t the existing places big enough? Why do we need to have more destruction of historical buildings, or greenspace to further The Tan Man’s Plan?

I don’t know about you, but If I was looking at a place for a national conference, or something that would be the approximate size of the convention center, here are just a few of my options: Orlando, Anaheim, Chicago, New York, Washington, Branson, Austin, Las Vegas, Boston, and Albany. Well, after I find out Branson is full for the week of my conference, my obvious next choice is Albany…Why? I  want my members to experience Albany in February. Maybe this isn’t a bad idea if I was heading up an Amway conference, because if you can put up with Albany in February, you can sell ice cubes to Eskimos. I don’t want them to enjoy themselves in Vegas, or Orlando. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of things to do in Albany, and a lot of great things at that, but I just don’t think the market is there, despite what the Tan Man says.

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