The Watered the ground, and a Walgreens popped up.

September 5, 2008 at 12:42 pm 1 comment

So The Walgreens construction is going very quickly on Holland Ave. I was against it going up from a stand that it did not fit in well with the community architecture. Now that I can see the construction, location, et. al. I will give my analysis


  • Location is much needed in area not so much to say as a pharmacy as there are a couple in the area,  but as a 24 hour convience location. Many a time I have needed something at Midnight or so, and I was forced to go to the ghetto chopper on Delaware.
  • Although the location is placed very close to the road, which is a problem I believe, There is one element that is very good. The way the land was developed, the store is about 3 feet lower than the road, so it provides a bit of a natural wall to the store.
  • There are worse locations, it is next to the McDonalds, but it borders the historic part of Holland with the Tudor houses (Does anybody know the story with those?)


  • The placement on the land is way too close to the road. Thats what makes the neighborhood great, is the mix of development, but all of these places are off the road, to keep the natural, look to the neighborhood. This walgreens does not fit within the rest of the buildings.
  • Not a separate entrance? It appears as though the only way to enter is through the McDonalds Parking lot that Hackett runs into. There should also be an entrance off Holland as well.

Overall, I am amending my previous hesitations to the Walgreens, and I hope it will make a good addition to the neighborhood.


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  • 1. Delaware  |  September 22, 2008 at 5:09 pm

    Interesting commentary. Still not a supporter, but lets see.

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