Things I like: Tess’ Lark Tavern

August 29, 2008 at 9:20 pm Leave a comment

Today’s edition will not be a rant, but a praise.

I thoroughly enjoy the Lark Tavern for many reasons.

  1. Tess-An Albany Legend. Tess the owner of the Lark Tavern previously managed Justins, and Bombers. She has a great knack for this business. She remembers everyone, even how they kept their hair the last time they were in. She is always willing to accommodate, and does it always with a smile.
  2. The Food-Arguably the best food, and most diverse of any of the bars on Lark Street. From hamburgers, to Garbage Plates, to pasta that changes daily and home made meatballs, Lark Tavern is much more than a gin mill.
  3. The Clientele-Last night I was in there, and Barack Obama was giving his acceptance speech at the DNC. Not only was it on all the channels, the sound was on, and everyone was paying attention to the speech. This type of people that would stop what they are doing for politics are a rare group of people you will find out at bars at 11 pm on a thursday…certainly not at other Albany establishments.
  4. Service-The service here is second to none, I have never had more receptive, quick, efficient, and all allround excellence in a bar.

Kudos to everyone at the Tavern for making it such a great place to hang out!


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