Today’s Rant: District Attorneys

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Today’s Rant is on District Attorneys…

So I was inspired by this post by reading about Bob Morgenthau at, Manhattan DA for the last 35 years, and is going to be running for re-election next year at 90. This made me think, how did Morgenthau get the support of New Yorkers that love you win you win, and hate you when you lose.

Morgenthau in his tenure can be repeatedly attributed with reducing crime in New York City, and prosecuting white collar crime. He is a legend in the Justice system, so much that a TV show was created about his office, and a character with a lot of his personalities and styles as much a part of the show as well.

Now lets look at this locally.

In Albany County, we have P. David Soares as our DA. This is someone who is far from the professional that Morgenthau has been. Talk about a guy who doesn’t get it.

Soares on multiple occasions has cited his opposition to the Rockefeller Drug Laws, which are some of the toughest laws in the country for drug posession and use. What makes this a problem? David Soares does not make the laws. He prosecutes. If he has a problem with the laws, run for State Assembly or Senate. But, he has used his office time and again as a political pawn for his own selfish self-emblazing gains.

He also is one of the most political DAs I have seen in a while. Yes, DAs are elected, yes they are nominated by a party. But just like judges, once they go to work for the people they represent, they need to take off the party buttons and work for everyone in the municipality they represent. Remember, Justice is Blind. Time and again, DA Soares has refused to go after members of his own party. At the conclusion of his “troopergate ‘investigation,”‘ Soares office sent the press release to Eliot Spitzer’s office looking for the OK to send out that said they would not press charges. The email said:

“DA Soares asked me to run this by you prior to our releasing it,”

This was released in a report by the NY Public Integrity Commission. You combine this with the fact that the Comptroller recently came out and said Soares’ office had a “‘total disregard for fiscal management’ — including the placement of more than $351,000 into a petty cash fund that’s not supposed to exceed $5,000.” Seriously? Lets take a look at what petty cash funds are for.  According to the Best Practice Guide to Managing Petty Cash, it says “The majority of businesses generally restrict cash payments to small items of expenditure and minor employee reimbursement.” So this brings me to the question, What is this guy spending 7000% more than the amount he was supposed to exceed on? That is a lot of chinese food when working on a case late at night. Petty Cash is generally a discretionary fund, So maybe David is putting it to the same good use that his buddy Eliot put to his “Discretionary funds.”

On a broader level, Soares has forgotten who he represents. He went after drug sellers in Florida, and Steroids in Baseball. Neither of which have any real practical effect on Albany County. All of this has been at the loss to Albany County Residents. Many people I have talked to have said that his office fails to due anything unless he can get media and coverage from it. Sound Familiar? I think I have heard this story before of a prosecutor that was the Sheriff of Wall Street.


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