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June 12, 2008 at 9:51 am Leave a comment

Today’s Rant will be short but:

Today, United Airlines announced that they would charge $15 for the first checked piece of luggage on all flights. This has been after they announced charging for the first one, along with every other airline but Southwest Airlines. The thing that aggravates me is the fact that even though this is all the case, air travel is still extremely expensive (for the base price ticket). I am OK with this, along with the charging for the frills on an airline, SWA has been doing it for years. But, my question is how Ryan Air in Europe can charge so little for flights, and have similar expenses. I just looked at flights from London to Rome, and one flight was 0.89 GBP, or $1.80! Thats right, for less than a Big Mac, you could be flying from London to Rome. I have part of an explanation on this, but that will be for a later rant on Trains, and Public Transportation.

Which brings me to truly question why this is the case? I understand a big part of the price is fuel, but not that much. I wonder if there was less administration, payouts, and pensions could this work? Or is it a problem of competition? Stay tuned to my future rant on Transportation to find out.


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